Supacolour Mask Transfers

Customize your mask with style but without breathing the stinky fumes.

Masks are an important tool in fighting COVID-19. Brands are experimenting possibilities of art, self-expression and fashion with this new garment at the center of our lives. It is said that masks will be in play through 2022.

Ready to unlock your creative potential?

Other Supacolour transfers:


For pressing on a wide range of fabrics used for promotional items (umbrellas, totes, coolers, lanyards, etc.).


For use on sublimated or patterned polyester fabrics where there is potential to migrate.

Softshell Blocker

For softshell fabrics with specific dye migration issues that require blocker.


The best transfers for caps and other forms of headwear. Bridge seams without cracking.

Questions? Find answers in frequently asked questions and art specifications